First of all, private server is great! Why? There are virtually no desyncs or lag when it comes to database and player experience is smooth. As an admin you have much more control over your server and can stop hacks quickly and efficiently. Also having control over local database opens more possibilities for customising your server and user experience.

Anyway, I’ve put together few admin tools that let admins see what is going on their servers in real time, thanks to my friend Symon “Smokey” Symonator for letting me experiment with his server. The tools let you see the exact Player, Vehicle and Tents positions on the map. The scripts also have time limit for how often they can access database, to prevent unnecessary load. The tools are for Guru’s version of the private server.

Lingor Island (Sanctuary) Demo


Download the Lingor Sanctuary ZIP: Admin Tools Files

The ZIP contains GameQ folder, which is API for connecting to various game servers. This API is not essential, but it shows you how many players are on your server and who they are. If you do not wish to use it you can indicate so when you configure admin tools installation. You can find more information on this API over here:

Open ZIP and upload the whole ToolZ folder to your webserver. You can rename it later if you wish.

Find config file dz_config_lingor.php and edit it as necessary. You will need your database access details and your game server details.

//time offset minutes between server/database time and time displayed
//if your server is set 1 hour behind from your local time $server_time_offset = -60;
//if your server is set 1 hour ahead from your local time $server_time_offset = 60;
$server_time_offset = 0;

//limit access to database to not more than once every 30 seconds
$update_interval = 30;

//Right clicked boxes hide for 10 seconds
$box_hide_delay = 10;

//do not display players on map if last update was more than 5 minutes ago
$last_update_cutoff_min = 5;

//db connect details
$DB_hostname = 'hostname:port'; //change
$DB_username = 'username'; //change
$DB_password = 'password'; //change
$DB_database = 'dayz';
$DB_max_query_players_results = 100;

//GameQ connect details.
$GQ = false; // Set $GQ = true; if you want to use it.
$GQ_path = './GameQ/GameQ.php';
$GQ_id = 'DayZ';
$GQ_type = 'armedassault2oa';
$GQ_host = 'your.server.ip.address:port'; //change

//Highlight rare and suspicious items
$watch_list = array('GPS','NVGoggles','Binocular_Vector');

After you’ve done configuration, go to http://your_webserver_address/ToolZ/

That’s it. If everything is set up correctly it should start working out of the box. The index page also contains link to test script for troubleshooting to Test Installation.

Create a remote user for your database and you can host these tools elsewhere and connect to your database remotely. The tools are read only and cannot alter your database records but if you don’t want anyone else using them, password protect ToolZ directory or whatever directory you renamed it into.