These are the same tools I used for Lingor Island now adapted for Chernarus map.


The same as with Lingor Island.

Admin Tools Files

Chernarus (AntiRocket) Demo


1. Make sure you downloaded the correct package for your server, the databases are different between server types.
2. Make sure PHP is installed and configured correctly and the PHP files are actually executed instead of being displayed as text.
3. Make sure the permissions on your server allow scripts to write files. The scripts create a series of cache files in the same directory. If you don’t see cache file after you ran a script for the first time, permissions are set incorrectly or not set at all.
4. Mini RCon requires Sockets module. If you have socket error, make sure php.ini has this line “extension=php_sockets.dll” and “php_sockets.dll” file is present in /ext folder.

UPDATE: 4/11/12 Bliss v4 compatible ToolZ released Download

Few notes. When people are on a “you are dead” screen, they show as they are on the server and not in the lobby but the database is not updating for them any more so after 5 min default timeout they disappear from the map.  So it looks like they are in game and it could be confusing.