If you played ArmA 2 you know there is no default jump animation, only step over. You probably also seen in DayZ Stand Alone footage there is a proper jump. Well DayZ Stand Alone is built mostly on Take on Helicopters engine which is kinda pre ArmA 3 more polished ArmA 3 engine if you know what I mean. The jump in DayZ SA looks very similar to the one on video below:

You can launch ArmA 3 Animation Viewer yourself in 3 easy steps.

  1. Open A3 Editor and double click on the map
  2. In the big INITIALIZATION field paste the following: null = [] spawn {sleep 1; disableSerialization; call BIS_fnc_animViewer;};
  3. Click OK then click PREVIEW

Animation Viewer will automatically launch in about a second.