Here is a very simple extension I made to work with FRAPS. The idea is that you can send a keystroke from within ArmA script that FRAPS can detect and activate upon, either to take a screenshot or capture video. Sounds simple, define keystroke in FRAPS app then make extension .dll create this keystroke when called.

In reality, not any key or key combo would work. In addition ArmA has lots of keys already assigned by default that cannot be used. Yeah, PrtScn refused to work for some reason. Tab was OK and working but if you leave FRAPS on you can end up with lots of random screenshots while using other apps.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, Ctrl+Tab happened to work pretty well as screenshot or video capture shortcut, next to Alt+Tab and Shift+Tab (Steam overlay). I also decided to call extension Ctrl_Tab so that one never forgets what key combo it produces.


To use extension execute the following code:

"Ctrl_Tab" callExtension "";

The code returns nothing. If you are using the extension to capture video you will need to call it twice: once to start video capture and once to end video capture. To install, drop the .dll into ArmA2 or ArmA3 root directory or mod folder if you are using it as part of a mod.

Download Ctrl_Tab extension


A slightly better screen capture extension