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So I got a little bit more experience in C++ and decided to have another go at screen capturing. Mind you, this is still not perfect, but it is an improvement over using FRAPS and sending key stroke to it :) . I haven’t quite managed to make it capture screen in “Fullscreen” mode, it just captures black rectangular. Maybe in the future I will sort this out. Solution? Just switch to “Fullscreen Window” mode when you need capture. Follow CONFIGURE -> VIDEO -> DISPLAY -> DISPLAY MODE -> Fullscreen Window. This will capture full screen too, but this mode doesn’t seem to be as smooth for gaming as “Fullscreen” mode, well, at least for me.

The scr_cap.dll can save in .png, .jpg and .bmp. It will automatically detect file extension in the file path. If file extension is different, no capture will happen. Because of this I have not limited the path, you can save anywhere you can and the only files you can overwrite by mistake are image files. Here is, for example, the file I captured earlier with “C:\Users\KK\Desktop\VR.png” path:


Extension returns “OK” if capture is made successfully (true for black rectangular too), otherwise it will return error message (like with invalid file extension). Depending on image format, it may cause little stutter during screenshot, but it was always meant as a tool so I couldn’t be bothered about performance. If you are capturing it from ingame debug console, don’t forget to add a pause so you can hide the console:

0 spawn { hint call { hint "3..."; sleep 1; hint "2..."; sleep 1; hint "1..."; sleep 1; hint ""; sleep 0.1; "scr_cap" callExtension "C:\Users\KK\Desktop\VR.png"; }; };

Download scr_cap.dll