I’m going to make this blog post a little bit special today. I kinda feel like bitching about how buggy Arma 3 is and especially MP aspect of it, but it won’t be fair to any of you so I just post about something cool. I’ve logged into my cobweb covered donation paypal account today and this is what I found:

KillzoneKid, Please continue with adding such great information on your blog. I have been really loving your articles. I hope this 20gpb helps out a bit and shows my appreciation. Thanks, Jonathan.

What a nice surprise! Thank you, Jonathan! I’m sorry I haven’t seen this earlier. No worries, I’m going to continue adding information to the blog as I use it myself probably as much as you :) . So to multiply cool in this post, I will explain how I did this:

I was going to write a tutorial on camera setups in Arma 3, but it appears to be quite a big job, so maybe at some point I will revisit this whole subject properly, but for now here is the very simple code I used in the video:

cam = "seagull" camCreate (player modelToWorld [0,0,100]); cam cameraEffect ["fixedwithzoom", "back"]; cam camCommand "manual on";

To terminate the camera use:

cam cameraEffect ['terminate', 'back']; camDestroy cam;

The camera controls changed from what I remember when I was making the video a while ago. The seagull just drops as soon as created, but you can still ascend it, though not in straight line anymore. The keys that work now:

  • Arrow keys for left right turn fast forward and slow down
  • Q will make seagull spin and ascend
  • Z will make it descend in straight line

You can try other buttons too. I figured this could make great intro movie for a mission with proper music and narrative. Or try other NonAIVehicles as camera object:

  • Kestrel_Random_F
  • ButterFly_random
  • DragonFly
  • HoneyBee
  • Cicada
  • HouseFly
  • Mosquito