I’d like to first thank Luca for rather generous donation! Thanks man, really appreciated!

I gonna show a little trick today on how to force ragdoll effect on a player. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we might never see a dedicated command for ragdoll in Arma 3, fortunately the effect can be triggered with a little script:

In order to trigger ragdoll, player needs to collide with something. Exiting a vehicle while it is moving can have similar effect, however it is not compact enough. Instead player can be hit by an object of smaller size, but greater mass. So I used soda can for it:

player addEventHandler ["AnimStateChanged", { if (_this select 1 == "incapacitated") then { player allowDamage false; player setPosWorld getPosWorld player; player allowDamage true; }; }]; KK_fnc_forceRagdoll = { if (vehicle player != player) exitWith {}; private "_rag"; _rag = "Land_Can_V3_F" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _rag setMass 1e10; _rag attachTo [player, [0,0,0], "Spine3"]; _rag setVelocity [0,0,6]; player allowDamage false; detach _rag; 0 = _rag spawn { deleteVehicle _this; player allowDamage true; }; }; //to test [] spawn { sleep 5; call KK_fnc_forceRagdoll; };

It is necessary to disable damage on the player during impact, or the player can simply get killed. Also, I have added an event handler that would resync player position after ragdoll is finished, just to be on safe side. One thing though, the function doesn’t take any argument, because it meant to work on players only and local players at that. It is also not supposed to be used on players in vehicles. Not ideal, but this is better than nothing at all.