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ArmA 2 DayZ Private Server Admin Tools Lingor Island

First of all, private server is great! Why? There are virtually no desyncs or lag when it comes to database and player experience is smooth.

August 17, 2012 All, ArmA 2, DayZ, Games, JavaScript, PHP
ics_tab 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus with Android 4 (ICS)

I know I’m a bit late to the party with my Galaxy Tab 7 Plus review, but I think it deserves it especially with the

July 21, 2012 All, Android, Electronics
decoration 1

DIY Tips: Decoration

So you have finally decided to paint that room… Excellent! Here is what you might need to save you some trouble, especially if you’re a

July 01, 2012 All, DIY
Kreator 0

Phantom Antichrist – Jesus Christ!!!

Once upon a time there was this German metal band that kept making quality music for years. And so for their 3oth anniversary they decided

May 28, 2012 All, Music
Map_Chernarus 2

ArmA 2 DayZ Chernorus Map

225 square kilometres! You don’t really want to get lost in zombie infested land of this scale. There is a map in game but you

May 25, 2012 All, ArmA 2, DayZ, Games
summervacation 2

How Mel Spent His Summer Vacation

I knew almost nothing about this movie before I went to see it apart from having a look at the trailer and checking IMDB score. 

May 12, 2012 All, Movies, Reviews
pspradio 16

SHOUTcast PSP Radio Gets a Sleep Timer and a Face Lift

It’s been a long time since I have updated SHOUTcast version of the PSP Radio, so here it comes. The new version includes a pretty

May 08, 2012 All, Playstation, PSP, Radio, SHOUTcast
mystery_3rd_planet 3

The Mystery of the Third Planet

Is a good old Russian 1981 Sci-Fi animation about a girl named Alice, her father and his co-pilot who together travel the galaxy in search

May 06, 2012 All, Movies, Sci-Fi
Killzone-_Liberation_600 26

Killzone:Liberation Chapter 5 And Online Multiplayer Auto-Downloader

Killzone:Liberation is hands down one of the best titles still available on PSP. Custom crafted for PSP and PSP only by Guerrilla Games, it is

May 02, 2012 All, Games, Killzone, Playstation, PSP
nodus_psyclone 3

How to solve PSP shut down problem when using WiFi with Nodus Psyclone

So there is this wonderful speaker system for PSP called Nodus Psyclone. It makes really cool, bass rich sound and even has a remote control.

May 01, 2012 All, DIY, Playstation, PSP
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