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ArmA Extension: real_date.dll v3.0

I’m going to skip v2.0 all together, even though I had the post drafted and the .dll had been available for download for quite sometime.

September 24, 2014 All, ArmA 2, ArmA 3, ArmA Scripting, Games
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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_setTimerCallback (Triggers V3.2)

Yet another post involving triggers. I have already tried to make timers using different unorthodox methods in my past attempts. This time I think I

September 20, 2014 All, ArmA Scripting, Tutorials
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SQF to BBCode Converter

This web app will convert SQF code into BBcode for use on forums with colour theme similar to my Notepad++ highlighter

September 14, 2014 All, ArmA Scripting, JavaScript
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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: GUI (Part 6)

In this post I’m going to continue with GUI tutorials and show Arma 3 ability to work with objects as part of GUI. But before

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Fixing Quadrupeds

Therein lies the problem… Quadrupeds, dogs, sheep, cows, goats, etc., have 4 legs… duh. This means that when it comes to positioning them on a

August 19, 2014 All, ArmA 3, ArmA Scripting, Games, Tutorials
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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: How To Override LMB

I would like to start this post with saying big thanks to Nils for his donation! Hi KillzoneKid! Thanks a lot for your great tutorials

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Automatic Marker Resizing

A few words about map markers. Markers can be global, i.e. visible by everyone connected to the game, or local, visible only by certain users.

July 21, 2014 All, ArmA 3, ArmA Scripting, Tutorials
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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_countUnique

Looks like it is “array overload day” today, so might as well share this useful function based on KK_fnc_assocArrayXXXX functions, which I have edited a

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_assocArrayXXXX

As promised in previous post, here is another set of functions to operate with arrays. This time it is to do with Associative Arrays. In

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_arrayReverse, KK_fnc_XYZtoXZY

First of all big thanks to Andrey for another donation! всегда с интересом читаю твои статьи wbr, f0rt Большое спасибо, Андрей! Today I’m going to