A bit of good news and a bit of sad news. Good news, these are some goodies that are heading for 1.50:

  • onPlayerConnected – extended, additional params _owner and _jip
  • onPlayerDisconnected – extended, additional params _owner and _jip
  • distance2D – new, 2D distance calculation
  • parseNumber  - extended, takes boolean
  • missionStart – fixed, gives mission start on the dedicated server
  • createDisplay – modified, returns display object, reads config from mission config too
  • CfgSounds – modified, can look up addon sound if path starts with @
  • SeatSwitched – new, EH for when unit changes seat
  • #include – modified, can use relative path i.e reference file from a parent dir
  • splitString – new, fast string splitting
  • joinString – new, fast string joining
  • objectParent – new, returns parent of a proxy object such as backpack
  • getModelInfo – new, returns object model info, name, path, if model has skeleton
  • inGameUISetEventHandler – extended, returns a bunch of params for selected or activated action
  • lineIntersectsSurfaces – new, versatile intersect command with many options
  • setHitIndex – new, uses hitpart index
  • getHitIndex – new, uses hitpart index
  • HandleDamage – extended, EH returns hitpart index
  • getAllHitPointsDamage – new, returns all hitpoints info including misconfigured and missing
  • magazinesAllTurrets – new, returns all magazines from all turrets
  • AGLToASL – new, convert one pos format into another
  • ASLToAGL - new, convert one pos format into another
  • showHUD – extended, command takes a bunch of params for various HUD elements
  • showHUD - extended, config param takes a bunch of params for various HUD elements
  • shownHUD – new, returns the state of visibility of various HUD elements

There are more, but I just listed what I was personally involved with in one way or another. Don’t know exactly what made it into 1.50 before it was locked down, so something might go into 1.52.

Enjoy the scripting overload,