Is a good old Russian 1981 Sci-Fi animation about a girl named Alice, her father and his co-pilot who together travel the galaxy in search of rare animals for the Moscow Zoo. But what seems to look like a routine expedition turns into an unexpected, dangerous adventure.

The story and animation are very good, and the music is beautiful, but it is in Russian. So I decided to add English subtitles for all English speaking Sci-Fi fans out there. But there is a twist. I cannot upload the movie to my YouTube channel because I have no rights for it. So I made a custom YouTube player that takes someone else’s video and my subtitles and makes it work.

IMDB gives it 5.5/10 which I think is very underrated. You can judge the animation and success of this experiment by yourself. No popcorn, sorry, but I tried my best to make it feel like you are in a cinema.


So what are you waiting for? Click the ticket! And if you enjoyed it, do not hesitate to leave a nice comment below :D