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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_arrayFlatten and KK_fnc_arrayFlattenUnordered

I think at some point I needed this function for something, don’t remember what for. Anyway, what this does is it makes a multidimensional array

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_findAll

Good news! I have yet another donation from Andrey! Спасибо большое, Андрей, за поддержку! I have recently came across BIS_fnc_arrayFindDeep, written sometime in 2006. Not sure

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_countUnique

Looks like it is “array overload day” today, so might as well share this useful function based on KK_fnc_assocArrayXXXX functions, which I have edited a

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_assocArrayXXXX

As promised in previous post, here is another set of functions to operate with arrays. This time it is to do with Associative Arrays. In

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_arrayReverse, KK_fnc_XYZtoXZY

First of all big thanks to Andrey for another donation! всегда с интересом читаю твои статьи wbr, f0rt Большое спасибо, Андрей! Today I’m going to

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Arrays (Part 4) + arrayShuffle

Yay! Thank you, André, thank you very much for your donation and support! This is what André wrote: from Nokman for the real_time and more thx Ok,

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_isEqual (compare booleans and arrays)

I’d like to apologise for the lack of blog posts recently, be my guest and blame Putin for it. So today I’d like to show

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Arrays (Part 3)

So we know how to manipulate arrays from Part 2. Now to the advanced stuff like copying arrays. You see, when you assign one array

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Arrays (Part 2)

In Part 1 we have mostly looked at how to retrieve information from arrays. In this part we are going to look at changing and

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Arrays (Part 1)

ArmA is full of arrays and I also happen to like them. Whether you want to call a script or a function, add items to