I’ve made this automated script awhile ago to create and image capture objects in Arma 2 and Arma 3 for my personal use. The idea was to be able to quickly find needed class name both visually and by keyword searching. I was going to make it available through a website, however the amount of images would require quite a bit of hard drive space, not normally available with cheap hosting. This was until I noticed that Google Drive offered 15GB of free storage. So after some painful uploading, here it is, the almost complete Arma 2 class reference library.


If you don’t have Google account you will only get 500 items and no search option, so I suggest you log in with your account when using this reference library and select “Add to Drive”. I also suggest broad term search, matching parent classes. For example for an SUV, search for Car (Google search is a bit funny there but it does search text in images!!!). You can find the reference library here. I’ve also added direct link to the command bar on the blog under REFERENCE.


Maybe I will do the same to Arma 3 stuff at some point. Until then…