I’ve recently done quite a bit of modding of DayZ which is a mod of ArmA2 in itself (modeception?). Me and my friend Sy added some cool and useful features to his server http://dayzmad.com to make it unique, like parachute spawns, custom loadouts with automated donor system, donor revives as well as some unique anti-hacking features which I would like to keep secret for obvious reasons. One of the improvements however I want to share because it actually more of a bug fix of the original Rocket’s code.

The original repair code is unintuitive. It only highlights items on vehicles that are >= 0.5 damage and only if you have parts in inventory. This is major reason why Hueys leak fuel. Well, they leak fuel when are not fully repaired by default. But with current code there is no way of knowing if Huey is fully repaired or not because some damaged parts are shown green.

Anyway I have a fix and it works. When you approach a vehicle it will list every damaged part for you no matter how little it is damaged regardless of whether or not you have part in your inventory. If you attempt to repair but have no repair part, it will tell you what you need. Once repaired the damaged part will disappear from the list.

The fix 100% works with vanilla DayZ. What you need is to drop 2 files in your mission’s /fixes directory then add 1 line to init.sqf (Instructions are in the zip readme.txt). Use cpbo.exe to pack unpack your mission .pbo

Download ZIP

Watch new repair menu in action in this fun video:

I’ve since modded this even further (not included) to let players strip healthy parts from other vehicles provided they have a toolbox. Players can also fill jerrycans from a vehicle if it has enough fuel. Those alterations are still work in progress but seem to make quite a bit of difference to the gameplay.



EDIT: My repair code is now part of oncoming official DayZ code.