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How to clear Chernarus of all the junk Rocket put on it…

… with 1 line of code! Yes that’s right, you can do it with 1 line, but lets make it 3 so it looks good.

November 16, 2012 All, ArmA 2, DayZ, Games
long_neck 4

ArmA2 DayZ Repair Vehicle Fix (inc Leaking Hueys)

I’ve recently done quite a bit of modding of DayZ which is a mod of ArmA2 in itself (modeception?). Me and my friend Sy added

October 27, 2012 All, ArmA 2, DayZ, Games
chernarus 183

ArmA 2 DayZ Private Server Admin Tools Chernarus

These are the same tools I used for Lingor Island now adapted for Chernarus map. Installation The same as with Lingor Island. Admin Tools Files

August 18, 2012 All, ArmA 2, DayZ, Games, JavaScript, PHP