225 square kilometres! You don’t really want to get lost in zombie infested land of this scale. There is a map in game but you have to find it first… or you can download one from the Internet! So rather than having the map open in another window, I thought it would be handy to actually print one, and it worked.

I have assembled an image that is set to 300 dpi for printing on A4 and it also has map legend (not that you need one). However to achieve best results you need to print it on photo paper which is available from any office stationary supplier. Then before you print anything you have to go to printer properties and tell the printer that you are using photo paper and set the quality to maximum. The result is pretty neat and readable map that has a grid, which makes it easier to meet with friends and other survivors. The image is ~18MB and you can get it from my Google Drive.

Download Map



EDIT: Someone called insanity35 posted a link to this awesome map on the official DayZ forum – ARMAII_MAP. PDF file is ~44MB and is probably good enough to take to the printers and have a wall poster made. Thank you, insanity35!