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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_arrayFlatten and KK_fnc_arrayFlattenUnordered

I think at some point I needed this function for something, don’t remember what for. Anyway, what this does is it makes a multidimensional array

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_findAll

Good news! I have yet another donation from Andrey! Спасибо большое, Андрей, за поддержку! I have recently came across BIS_fnc_arrayFindDeep, written sometime in 2006. Not sure

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_intToString

What this function does is it allows you to convert integer to string avoiding exponential representation. In Arma string representation of numbers is rounded to

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Respawn On Marker

…in Arma 3 is actually very sophisticated. Today I am going to attempt to describe the logic that governs search for a suitable marker. So,

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: How To Make A Wreck

…or more precisely, how to make wreck on demand without fire and smoke. Actually clean wreck making works only on cars due to tanks and

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: KK_fnc_fileExists

Made this little function for testing if a file exists. While there are some read file commands such as loadFile, preprocessFile and preprocessFileLineNumbers, they all

April 25, 2015 All, ArmA 3, ArmA Scripting, Games, Tutorials
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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Triggers V5 (KK_fnc_onEachFrame)

Aaaaaand, back to triggers again! This time let’s dig a little bit deeper. How about we make a trigger that is not really a trigger,

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Triggers V4

Continuing exploring trigger functionality and there is some good news. You can now create local instance of a trigger using optional 3rd param – true

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Agents (How To)

In this blog post I’m going to share some tips on how to start with Arma agent entities, but first would like to say my

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ArmA Scripting Tutorials: .SQF, .SQS And Script Scheduler

Let’s start from the beginning. In Arma there are 3 concepts of script: script –  an ancient implementation used as early as OFP. It is